Joaquín Anaya Garrido (




Joaquin Anaya Garrido was born in Los Yébenes (Toledo), within a family musical. At the age of eight years, taking classes in Music Theory and Trumpet, as part of the local Band.

In 1958 he moved to Madrid, where part of the Band of the Armed Forces (Banda de Aviación) until 1963.

During this period, he studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music and Declamation Madrid: Trumpet, Harmony, Music History, Aesthetics, Chamber Music, until 1963, is disturbed by the world of percussion, whose career runs with teachers J. M. Martín Porras and E. Llacer (Regoli), obtaining the highest marks.

As a performer, has worked with the leading figures of light music. He has also participated in numerous music soundtracks for Film, TV Series., Disc recordings, etc..

In the world of Education has lectured on Music Concert Live Jazz and Pedagogical for children.

From 1972, worked intensively in Contemporary Music.
During the years 1973-1977, was part of the National Orchestra of Spain, and has been invited to collaborate with major orchestras in the country.

In 1975, he obtained a position as Professor of Percussion at the Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Madrid, which plays an important work of both instruments, such as logistics, developing and organizing graphics and sound documentation, to the historical archives of that group.

Component GROUP LIM (Laboratory of Music Performance), who runs Jesus Villa-Rojo during the years 1975-1980, premiering large number of works by authors as C. Halfter, L. De Pablo, C. Bernaola, T. Marcos etc. among Spanish authors, or O. Messiaen G. Petrassi, L Dubrovay, L Berio etc. between foreign authors.

In 1980 some tuning and repair courses of keyboard instruments at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid.

For 25 years, has tuned pianos at major recording studios Madrid (Hispavox, Fonogram, Eurosonic, Sintonia, Kirios etc). Also during the years 1985-2000 was responsible for the tuning of pianos for jazz festivals in Madrid, always with the blessing of the most prestigious pianists.

Throughout his career, has been awarded the following awards:

1997 - Gold Medal of Fine Arts.

1997 - Diploma of Honor of His Excellency. Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

2003 - Lira year. (The Musical Arts Association Yébenes).

2009 - Silver Medal of the municipality. (Issued by the Hon. Ayuntamiento de Los Yébenes).

2009 - Caller of the festivity of the town of Madridejos (Toledo).

As a composer Joaquin Anaya has a good number of pasodobles: Entrañable Tombón, Madridejos, ¡Ole mi Torero!, Plaza de Illescas, etc. . . .

Also dedicated to his hometown:Viva mi Jota y Los Molinos (both on grounds of La Jota Popular Yébenes), Ode to San Blas and homage to the Yébenes among others.

He is currently retired Professor Banda Sinfónica Municipal de Madrid, sharing his time between leisure and exercise of the composition.